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About Us

Heroin addiction is affecting families and individuals from all walks of life in New Hampshire and across the United States. The Great New Hampshire Anti-Heroin Organisation is a non-profit with a holistic approach to support and guide those suffering from heroin abuse or addiction. We work closely with drug users to find out their specific needs and help them to stop their use of substances.

Do you know someone struggling with drugs? Breaking free with medically informed processes is possible. Our well-equipped centers give guidance and treatment to people genuinely wanting to conquer addiction. By addressing the root causes of your drug addiction, our experienced team helps you, rediscover a balanced life.


Top Treatment Plans

When it comes to drug addiction, a significant issue is a habitual dependency that occurs. Many use drugs to escape the problems of everyday life or as a way to tackle depression and anxiety. Successful treatment only starts with the will to change and deal with emotional and stressful situations.

We make certain that each person has a tailored plan based on his or her addiction symptoms and medical history. Not only will you benefit from individual addiction and treatment plans, but you can also take part in recreational activities, such as badminton, volleyball, basketball, and tennis at our large grounds.


Helpful and Caring Staff

The Organisation promotes a healthy and supportive space for drug addicts and users with a desire to recover. Our capable team of doctors, social workers, and addiction specialists tirelessly work to improve the health and safety of individuals under their care.

We are confident that real-world change happens when you commit to our treatment philosophy. Here, experts use advanced techniques with recovering patients in both group sessions and one on one. A host of integrated therapy options are available such as on-site or off-site twelve-step meetings, educational classes, sessions on emotional changes and conscious choices, etc.

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